I am frustrated when I feel angry or disappointed at something I can’t control.

Dealing with frustration is not that easy and simple. I feel frustrated usually because I feel I don’t have the ability to do something I did before. Or when something I did before is now denied to me. And they mean something important to me.

I am talking about it now in english to see if other people have the same problem I have with Google. I am a creator. I have plans for my blog and make it an youtube channel too. Many creators are doing it as it were the next big thing. And this means I want to make money too.

Eight years ago, I did another website talking about TV programing and entertainment, things I have always been doing since I was at college. For that, I use Google Adsense. By that time, we didn’t have advanced Content Management Systems like WordPress.

If we wanted to make a website look like the way we wanted, we have to edit HTML and PHP files in order to adjust appearance and functionality. I did this website “pontotv.com” using early WordPress by editing a theme in which I could use Adsense and other advertise systems.


By LaurMG. – Own work., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15293645

I am frustrated for a problem that can’t be appointed only on me.

Google Adsense was the most likely Adsense solution for me at that time. The main reason is that I was – and still being – familiarized with Google products. I use their codes while I was editing my site. Then I had to test to look if it was ok.

While editing, HTML and PHP editors generated false impression using their code, making my account be suspended and blocked from using Google Adsense service. It’s been 8 years that Google has blocked me. And now I need to get back my account.

I am asking Google to review its position on their errors too. I know that generate invalid impressions are a major violation term in Adsense service. But Google also had to develop some tool to block your own computer and IP to generate impressions. Why Google have not developed this already?

It’s very frustrating when you have plans to move on with your life and you have no one to count on. It’s not wrong asking for help and if I need I ask to. But the most frustrating thing I feel is that I still being punished by something I didn’t do in all these years and they even get you a second chance.

I know I am not the only one who is dealing – or don’t know how to deal – with it. I am creating content and it has to have a chance to be monetized too. Internet is a great tool to make things great and it can’t be a frustration mean. And it’s horrible to feel that I deserve a second chance and I can’t get it. Even when I know I didn’t do anything wrong alone. If I made a mistake, they also made it too.

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Written by Israel Anderson

Jornalista por formação, cineasta por estudos e curioso por natureza. Internet por paixão.

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