Heath issues and self problems are some things employers don’t understand

Yes, being independent has its problems. I know that. I guess, all of us know that. We have obligations, bills to pay, plans to deal and let them be real. I guess we all want it. But not all thing always happens the way we want they to happen. I’ll explain myself. Then you will understand myself.

I am not the ordinary one. I mean, I don’t act always like I were equal to someone else. I can classify myself as a B person. I can’t wake up early in the morning. It is horrible for me. I can’t think well. I am not ready to do things I do for all day long when I wake up late in the morning.  I feel terrible. I know, by the way, I am not the only one who tries to fit in a world that are not made for us.

I have tried to adapt. I took medicines, tried sleeping therapies, treatments, all these stuff. They barely work or even not work at all. It had made me suffer. So I decided to just accept the way I am and try to fit the world in this. Ok, it does not work yet. But I still guess it will work sometime.

As a suffer of some depression issues. I know I couldn’t just not to do things and let them be. For that matter, I have to work out to stay confident with myself. I have health issues that don’t allow me going with the flow. Working out helps me to sleep and control my anxiety.

Sometimes though be healthy and fit in some work has never worked well. When it works, in fact. And it doesn’t all times.

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Written by Israel Anderson

Jornalista por formação, cineasta por estudos e curioso por natureza. Internet por paixão.

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